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KPOP a mixture of Western music and high energy Japanese pop and hunts for their heads of listeners. KPOP groups are walking along with line mixing of styles, combines and singing, and rapping and making special emphasis on action and powerful visual effects. Although in most of Korea, under these terms can be understood almost any direction of Korean pop music, for outside the country also, under the KPOP news understood exclusively music, executed so-called idols, similar by their concept from Japanese idols, performed in the mixture mentioned above genres.

KPOP BTS is not only music, but it has also grown into a popular subculture among young people around the world, driven by the interest in modern South Korean fashion and styles. Thanks to the Internet and the availability of digital content, KPOP girl groups reach a wide audience, previously unthinkable. KPOP diet the culture of South Korea today is one of the driving factors of youth culture in the Asia Pacific region, with particular emphasis on China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and a large part of South – East Asia.

KPOP | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

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KPOP ScreenShot:

KPOP Groups
KPOP Groups | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

What is KPOP and Why is it Being Listened to?

In modern society, it is difficult to find someone who has not heard about the popular phenomenon of KPOP Romania. This musical direction arose in the early nineties of the last century and represents Korean pop music (hence the name is short for Korean pop), known for an interesting genre component that incorporates elements of Western electro-pop, hip-hop, dance music, and modern rhythm and blues. We will understand the origins of the KPOP store near me and, finally, decide what kind of animal it is.

What it is?

KissAnime Appearing as a musical genre, KPOP charts eventually turned into a large scale musical subculture that spread throughout the world. One of the most important features of this style is the complex stage choreography. Clips of KPOP groups are always quality and brightly shot. And the script with directing is not far behind. Examples of the popularity of KPOP games are everywhere: for example, in Las Vegas, the 2017 Billboard Music Awards were recently held, where KPOP BTS was recognized as the most stylish group – a project from South Korea. And the song “Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang hit the famous American series “Glee”.

KPOP News | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

It should be noted bts that KPOP idol culture does not standstill. So the singer CL went beyond KPOP idols music, now she performs songs in English. Her unusual, shocking image is remembered immediately. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is so popular in the United States. England genre also did not pass by. 4minute, B2ST, SISTAR, SHINee and other famous KPOP girl teams performed at the 2011 United Cube Korean festival. Even then, many reporters noted that the KPOP group industry had stormed into Europe and was rapidly gaining popularity.

Why Become Popular?

Part of the answer is that society prefers more and more unusual forms that do not fit into the framework. A kind of rebellion on the scale of their own musical tastes. In addition, live complex choreography, high strong voices, unusual outfits and melodies remembered from the first try captivate the KPOP profile. The genre is extremely popular among teenagers: girls of all countries imitate their idols in clothing, style, and lifestyle. But unlike American and Russian stars, Korean performers are always modest and educated. In numerous entertaining television shows they are characterized only on the positive side, often talking about the fact that, in addition to musicality, they still have many undisclosed talents.

KPOP Girl Groups
KPOP Girl Groups | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

When Will It End?

It is too early to say that Korean music will soon leave the black pink world stage. She is only gaining momentum, and certainly not going to give up her positions. Koreans are competent in everything related to marketing and any organizational and technical issues. Plus, you will never see a person on the Korean stage who does not know how to sing or who is not able to learn how to dance. KPOP Reddit artists work on themselves day and night, improving their skills and talents. Choreography and vocals require daily exercise, they say. Given the realities of the modern world, this is captivating, right?

What are KPOP and Why Does Your Child Yell “Oppa SarAnhe”

KPOP Games
KPOP Games | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

What is K-pop?

Exo KPOP is Korean pop music. Twice KPOP stars are called idols. K-pop fans are often young girls who see in their idols a way out of gray everyday life. Almost every idol has its own stage name, sometimes it is an abbreviation for the present, and sometimes a beautiful word. For example BTS – Suga – Min Yungi and Jungkook – Jung Jungkook.

K-pop is Capitalism:

Agencies make a lot of money from fans of a successful idol group. A concert, skpb kpop live an album, Meet & greet, Lightstick, a re-release of an album, posters, photo books, a monthly contribution to a fan cafe, attending performances – all this is an expensive pleasure for which agencies receive money. The income in many agencies is divided 60/40% or even 70/30%, of course, not in favor of the artists. Successful artists often change the terms of the contract or leave the agency after the contract expires.

Appearance and Relationships:

Girls by agency standards should weigh less than 50kg (even if they are 170+), often idols are offered plastic surgeries and other cosmetic procedures. Basically, they become idols from an early age (16-20 years), children who need dates just can not meet because of contracts, because it “hurts” their fan base and breaks “fantasies”. However, they still meet, only secretly and more often with celebrities who are not interested in revealing relationships for the same reasons.

Idol Relationships is Perceived Negatively and is Considered a Scandal:

KPOP Diet | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

Singer Hyuna and novice idol Edawn fell into a “scandal” when rumors about their relationship appeared. Their agency (Cube ent.) Kicked Kim Hyojong (Idon) out of the group for not complying with the terms of the contract. Hyuna left herself, now a couple at Saya’s agency (Sai ​​/ Psy). The teaser is a short clip showing interesting moments of MV, vocals and the single / album release date.

The creation of music videos (MV) has a huge budget. In music videos, the choreography is often shown, the participants themselves and the story is told. Some groups: TVXQ, Got7, Twice, BTS, EXO, BlackPink, Shinee, Highlight, Infinite, Red Velvet, Momoland, etc. You can easily find translations of songs of an interesting group for you, just type in the search for “Rus Sub”.

How is Korean Music Better Than Russian?

Russian pop music is talking about the same thing as in Korean show business, so why do people choose a “foreign” language? Korean music finds its charm and some novelty. Russian listeners cannot understand the Kpop lyrics, but they enjoy the technique and sound. Each idol group performs at various music shows, dances and sings, shows love to its fans, simply works in the sweat of their faces to achieve recognition and loyalty of fans.

Fanbases have names officially given by agencies. For example EXO – EXO-L, Big Bang – VIP, Super Junior – ELF, BTS – Army. Fans of the same group feel their own and even feel that they are a family. Especially if there is a problem at home. Groups learn dances for 1-2 months, constantly improving choreography, honing every movement. And all this against the background of lazy Russian pop artists wins with a big margin. For a stress-prone child, music is a departure from all problems, no matter which and no matter how much he is obsessed with it.

Your Child is “Dragging” From Korean Pop Music:

“And here your Koreans are shown” – On the screen Anita Tsoi. I love Anita “Your dog eaters are your opponent’s parrots” – racism in 2019 with your own child is a disaster. “What are they all like fagots” – Idols are painted just like Natural Blonde, they are artists and they do what their fans want. *Insert any mimicry of a foreign language* – again, racism, kindergarten, you push the child away. Ask to turn on the music in the car, which your child likes – even if you do not like it, the child is still pleased that you are giving a chance to something new. Look for the translation and meaning of the songs if you are interested.

Outside Korea Popularity of KPOP

KPOP Groups
KPOP Groups | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

The Kpop songs went the twice way of slaboizvestnogo outside the Asian region, the music genre to the vast popularity in the whole world of youth culture. At this, Kpop star always went after for the development of the Korean IT – industry, at a maximum using the latest developments in the field of Kpop estallido social networks and mobile devices for their popularization. According to the opinion of the publication of the New York Times, though attempts Korean groups to get to the western market were quite successful, and to the vast expansion of social networks, but at the present moment, the creation of kpop arrested of his accounts on such resources like Twitter, Facebook and others, helped to familiarize with Kay a priest is much more broad audience and actively popularize the genre.

The growth of the fans of the genre celebrated in the whole world, and on the opinion of some experts, Kay – Pop becomes one of the most important parts of South Korea’s exports, affecting, inter alia, the popularity of Korean culture in the world. BBC describes the kpop rape – group of the Super Junior and Wonder Girls as a “superbly produced by the group of sweet boys and girls with flexible dances and catchy melodies”.


Clips in this genre are always unusually colorful and support catchy rhythms of songs, And vocal parties are diverse, with a strong influence of hip – hop. All this is emphasized by the vivid image of the musicians and the pomp, theatricality of performances at concerts. Dancing is an integral part of the Cay – priest, in the time of execution of the singers and the singer often synchronized dance with singing, making speech a more eye-catching and passing in that on the Western Boys.

Fan Support:

KPOP Memes
KPOP Memes | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

In Korea, there is a tradition, according to which the fans give favorite musicians bags of rice, symbolizing that their support and respect. According to data publication Time, for the first show, BIGBANG in gift musicians were transferred to 12.7 tons of rice, gifts laid out in a row, calling this is the “altar of Kpop idols“. After this had been based company, whose goal to make sure, that the figure will get the beloved musician. One of them, Ro Syngu, has 24 branches in the world and cooperates with farmers, which gives the rice a ship in point of destination.

Another opportunity to demonstrate support for your favorite artist is to send an idol lunch. This practice came after the fact, how many fans were concerned, that stars are often not can eat out for a busy schedule, after what appeared company, specializing in the delivery of meals. Many fans travel in organized tours, to see the live favorite band, so for example, a lot of fans coming to the Korean concerts with the help of tours of Japan and China. One time, after the KPop lyrics tour in Seoul, it flew more than 7000 fans, To see the red velvet performance of the group JYJ. In time, another concert by the band many fans from the whole world have spent the night in Barcelona, to eventually get to the performance.

Organization and Management:

Most bands of this genre are in the control units of music agencies. For that, to ensure success, these companies are trying to complete as to subsidize and supervise the professional life and career of the future artist, spending about 400,000 dollars on training and the launch of a young artist. According to the data, Jung Joon young of the publication of the Wall Street General Journal, SM Entertainment’s, YG Entertainment’s, CUBE Entertainment’s and other South Korean producer centers have developed a process of training young singers and singers to participate in the music business. In most cases, future idols included in the “system” in the age of 9-10 years old kpop chile and live together in the house, obeying strict rules. They attend school during the day and studying singing and choreography of the evening.

Popularity and Influence:

Having visited many different concerts, I was struck by the Korean pop music. Staging, Astro, choreography, and execution were amazing, but that more importantly, I felt the soul of music. Korean music is waiting for a bright future. Quincy Jones in an interview with a Korean magazine. The largest consumer of gray kpop in Japan, this genre is 7.81 % of its musical market, and this share is growing. In the 2011 year, the sale of products of Korean artists in the country exceeded 300 of millions of dollars, that on 22 % above, Than in the last year, cha in ha without regard to the overall decline in sales on the Japanese music market.

All over American artists agree to work with Korean, among them such well-known artists like Kanye West and by Jonas Brothers. In addition to this, bibi kpop has been positively assessed by such well-known music producers, like Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley as well as Grammy producer Alisha Keyes. Journal of the Billboard c 2011 the year began to publish hot hundred Cay-priest (the Billboard Korea the red velvet Kpop the Hot 100), and YouTube at the meeting with the president of South Korea announced on the opening of a special channel.

NewYork Festival piñera kpop has collected more than 40,000 visitors, and French concerts were held from 14-thousandths sold out. Korean singer Rain topped the list of hundred most influential people 2011 the year of release of readers of the magazine Time The, And CNN named NetizenBuzz a third reason to visit Korea. Big a Bang came in the top – 10 services the iTunes, SHINee became the first Korean group, carried through the concert in London, at the time as the other Korean groups began often appear in the tops of German MTV. Wonder Girls steel first Korean Pop group, which topped Billboard Hot 100.

The success of kpop attire industry analysts attributed to the fact, that its model of marketing is different from the world of practice. First of all, it is a developed system of fan clubs, thematic schools, and services for the fans, but also the active participation of idols in communicating with fans through social networks. This also contributed to the active support and distribution of products and information through the Internet thanks to social networks, portals, and video resources.

Management and Corruption:

KPOP Romania
KPOP Romania | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

Big data Kpop industry quite often subjected to criticism. That fact, that the major agencies are trying to get the maximum profit from the young talents, and contracts tightly bind career singers with a BBC named. “contract slavery“. With performers often conclude exclusive contracts to many years, that for a number of opinions, just not profitable musicians in financial terms. Leading companies in this business are often criticized for trying to make the most out of musicians and planning excessive work schedules. In June 2009, kpop stars arrested a trial was held with the participation of SM Entertainment’s, which was accused in abuse and creating too busy working schedule members of TVXQ and the Super Junior, at the end of which a court handed down a decision in favor of the musicians.

The year 2009, the actress Jang Çayönü, known participation in the popular drama Boys beautiful colors, committed suicide life suicide, and in his farewell note accused the manager and a number of directors in the decline in sexual acts. In April 2012, police arrested the owner of the label and agencies, presenting his charges in the systematic sexual harassment and threats.

The year 2002, the edition of Time reported, that a number of Korean TV producers have been arrested on the charge in the organization of the system of prices for guaranteed performances for young bands and performers. According to Seoul District Attorney Kim Kyuhon, the arrest was only a small part of a widespread systematic investigation. corruption in the Korean music business. According to the edition of The Economist, corruption thrives in Korean show business, in the 2011 year on the charges in it had arrested 29 officials of persons associated with the radio and TV, and the shadow revenue from the manipulation of official position equals over 30 million won.


With regard to musical characteristics of the genre, it is the greatest criticism is exposed conveyor nature of production Okay Kpop stars sentenced to prison music, as well as its commercial orientation. Some critics also accuse the performers of the genre in unthinking imitation of American pop music, highlighting in Korean pop music “superficial or simply nonsensical texts interspersed with simple phrases in the English language, endless imitators more successful artists and the general lack of originality”. Others also accused the genre of the artificiality and orientation on the external effect of longer, than on the music. The evidence often leads to the fact that, that although on huge popularity in the world, h3h3 Kpop so and not able to get on the American market.

KPOP Charts
KPOP Charts | Watch And Search Latest Music | KissAnime

Magazine “New-York,” notices, that Korean Girl group gaining the girls on the external big data kpop, which is then improved plastic surgery, and the song called contagious, but unoriginal. The main factor in the popularity of these groups, the magazine calls the exterior member, and not music, at this very high responding about their “modesty” and respect for the fans. “When you see them on the stage, it created the impression, that they came to you personally”.

According to the words of Kim Junsu, fans repeatedly attached the GPS to its car, to monitor his movements. Among other problems, the propaganda of sexual violence is also called, according to some critics, caused by the explicit sexuality of Korean performers.

Obsessed Fans:

The main point in the criticism Cay the priest is concern about obsession some fans of the genre, as well as their impulsivity and tendency to invade into the personal lives of musicians. For the naming of such fans, Korea uses the term “sasaeng fan” mainly to him include girls and young girls. It is known, that some fans hired a taxi for the secret surveillance of their idols, And the firm openly offers their services for such kind of things kpop comebacks December 2019. Korean officials recognized the uniqueness of the problem, and also expressed concern about it.

At one of the press conferences, the participants JYJ confirmed cases of such harassment, as well as attempts at intervention in their lives. According to the singers, there were repeated attempts to break into their houses, with photographing the premises and theft of personal belongings. Band members ori kpop encountered a similar phenomenon already in the 2003 year when released their debut album. Next to the house of one of the participating groups, Pak Yuchhona, fans set a number of hidden cameras, and singer Jeong Yunho from other groups who are added to the cocktail superglue, after lana which he had to provide medical care. Later it turned out, that for it was one of the haters of the group.

Sales and Market Size:

In the 2009 year sale, Jxr Kpop the industry was estimated at more than 30 million dollars. In that same year, sales of albums in this genre reached 8.8 million copies, and the retail value of industry accounted for about 97 million dollars. Around the beginning of the 2000s busters kpop, the market for Korean popular music was almost destroyed by the advent of the digital age and the spread of free file sharing. At the same time, in 2006, the digital music market exceeded the physical, along with this, more than half of the sales began to come from the digital distribution of music.

The popularization of surprise u Kpop music to the west through the social network, as pomoglp increase revenues and bring the company to the US market. In 2011, more than 1,100 albums were released in South Korea, two – thirds of the songs on each album included elements of the hip hop. One-third of the included elements of rock, crossover or folk. At this moment, it is the main element of Kpop gang rape music.

Views on YouTube:

Of 2.28 billion views of Korean pop music videos on YouTube in the 2011 year 240 of millions of had on the United States of America, that more than twice exceeds the figure of 2010 the year (94 of the total 800 of millions of. At 25 in August 2012 the year of the total number of views the video «Gangnam the Style» 47 % constituted views of the United States, 7 % of the UK and Northern Ireland, 6, 8 % from Canada and 4 % from South Korea.

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