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The cutest Anime boys! Caution: overdose possible with a cutie… We always pay a lot of attention to the cute little twitches in the anime boys. But if you think that this cutie is intended only for girls – you should think again. Often the whole thing is in an unusually charming appearance or funny behavior. But one thing is certain – these adorable anime boys are so amazing that they want to be pinched by the cheeks, squeezed, hugged, protected, or even taken home. Caution: an overdose of grace is possible!

Anime Boy | Top 10 Cutest Anime Boy | ApkMak.Com

Anime Guy
Anime Guy | Top 10 Cutest Anime Boy

Top 10 Cutest Anime Boy

1. Suzuya Juzo, Tokyo Ghoul:

Suzuya Juzo, Tokyo Ghoul
Suzuya Juzo, Tokyo Ghoul

Juzo is an investigator who turns out to be a partner of Yukinori. A boy is enthusiastic, pumped and resourceful in his work. What stands out in him in the first place is his cheerful and childish behavior, which makes him seem so cute and innocent at first glance. In addition, the way he plays with his seams is especially funny. Suzuya definitely has a somewhat androgynous appearance, which is quite common among cute anime boys and girls. However, do not let this flowery boy fool you! Behind the cute appearance and playful behavior is a perverted and frightening personality.

2. Armin Arlert, Attack of the Titans:

Armin looks like an anime cute boy. He is not only lower than all the other guys but also boasts a pretty face. It shows the charm of a young innocent child who is always worried about his friends. Armin Arlert has the kindest heart, and despite his timidity, he can face danger in order to protect those he loves.

3. Aladdin, Mages: The Labyrinth of Magic

Aladdin, Mages The Labyrinth of Magic
Aladdin, Mages The Labyrinth of Magic

This cute little anime boy is very naive in his understanding of the world, as he spent his life in the Fortitude Hall. Aladdin is very calm, and he can remain focused even in the most dangerous situations. This is a very funny and kind guy. Moreover, Aladdin is very open. He is open to friendship, and since he had never had friends before, he is very attached to his acquired friends. Isn’t he cute?

4. Momiji Soma, Fruit Basket:

It is a playful and funny rabbit of the Chinese zodiac. Momiji loves wearing the girl’s version of her school uniform, combining it with shorts rather than a skirt. He likes to help Toor with cleaning and does not even mind covering her when she gets sick. He may seem helpless and annoying, but in fact, he is a great fellow. Honestly, Momiji is one of the most mature sad boy anime characters, even if he doesn’t always show it.

5. Ciel Phantomhive, The Dark Butler:

Ciel Phantomhive, The Dark Butler
Ciel Phantomhive, The Dark Butler

Sometimes hot anime boy looks really mean a lot! This is the case with Ciel, a proud little 13-year-old count. Ciel, despite his young age, is completely lonely, although he must independently deal with business and household issues. Well, not quite alone … since I made a deal with the devil – Sebastian Michaelis, who works for him as a butler. It’s true, Ciel has a dark past that he has to deal with every day, while he is trying to avenge his parents who were brutally murdered. This is not a reason to justify his behavior, but if we are talking about cuteness – Ciel is definitely a demon anime boy!

6. Yagami Riku, Prince of Stride: An Alternative

Yagami, of course, is the same cheerful and bright anime boy black hair. He always smiles and shares his excellent mood – as if he has an overdose of endorphins. He loves to compete in any sport, and every school team wants to get it with high physical abilities. Yagami turns out to be very valuable not only because of his talent but also because of his competitive spirit and energy with which he infects other team members like a virus of happiness. His gorgeous appearance combined with childish nature makes him one of the most charming anime cute boy.

7. Mitsukuni Haninodzuka, Oran High School Dating Club:

It is likes everything cute and childish anime boy with blue hair, he can be called a lolita boy. This is hardly a problem since he really looks like a small child. Despite all this, beware of this cutie! He may look playful and cute, but in fact, he is the champion in mixed martial arts, so he can kick your ass without any problems!

8. Nagisa Hazuki, Free!


Nagisa is a delightful and cheerful breaststroke swimmer at Iwatobi High School. He is always cheerful, and you can see him most of the time playful and playful. It is a real big golden boy of the company, which everyone else loves to take care of. He gets along well with everyone in the club and is not afraid to talk about what’s on his mind. Nagisa seeks to better understand things that interest him and often uses not the most traditional methods to solve her problems.

9. Mikoto Mikoshiba, Nozaki-Kun’s Monthly Shojo:

Mikoto is one of Nozaki’s effects assistants. It may seem like a playboy at first glance, but inside it is actually the tundra. At first, he flirts with the anime girl with great confidence, but then he gets scared and ashamed of his words and actions, starting to terribly blush and hide his face. He is the example of anime bad boy.

10. Hinata Shoyo, Haikyuu !!

Hinata is energetic and loud, but his sincerity and small stature make him absolutely charming. He’s a great example of a cute aesthetic anime boy. He is childish, silly and playful, he always smiles cheerfully, and besides, he is the kindest teammate. He may be silly, but he becomes competitive when it comes to volleyball. Hinata, although almost the lowest player in the team, does not diminish his determination to win games and beat blocks from high opponents.

In anime boy and girl, as in a genre, there are many distinctive features of the anime drawing boy. Due to what, it stands out from the entire animation, and any even the most unprepared viewer understands that in front of him is not just a cartoon, but an anime cute boy. In this regard, the question arises, but how to draw a sad boy anime, in this style. In particular, how to draw anime boy, or youths (in general, a strong part of the population) – with a pencil in an anime boy style. Pictures for sketching for aspiring artists will help you take this first, important step, and most importantly, take it in the right direction as anime boy wallpaper.

Interesting Facts About Anime Boy

Anime Boys | Interesting Facts About Anime Boy

The word “anime” was invented by the famous artist Katsushika Hokusai in 1814 for a series of engravings. It means “grotesques”, “strange (or funny) pictures”, therefore the term “anime boy” refers exclusively to Japanese comics. And in 1917 the first KissAnime cartoons began to be released.

Anime Boy” – Japanese animation. The word “anime” itself is nothing more than a Japaneseized abbreviation for English animation, and the term itself has appeared relatively recently. Prior to this, the expression “manga-eig” (“movie-comics”) was used, which is still used by fans of the anime boys of the older generation.

As you know, in Japan they read from right to left. Right-to-left anime boy base is read all over the world.

It was not in Japan that they came up with using the big anime boy eyes of characters to convey emotions. Osamu Tezuka, a man considered the founder of top anime boys traditions, did not deny the fact that he borrowed this technique from Walt Disney. By the way, according to the canons of aesthetic anime boy, it is believed that the more significant the hero, the better the artists draw his anime boy’s eyes. The exception is villains – sometimes they can just attach black “holes” to them.

Actors voicing roles in the anime cute boy are called the Japanese word Seiyu. The Seiyu profession is popular and developed in Japan, due to which the dubbing of hot anime boy series favorably differs from similar works in other countries. Many Seiyu in combination is also a variety of performers.

The longest anime series, “Sadzae-san,” began to be released in 1969 based on Matiko Hasegawa’s manga, and its screening has not yet been completed. several generations of Japanese have grown up watching the adventures of Sadzae and her family.

The ideal of classic anime boy base is considered to be the work of director Hayao Miyazaki. His Spirited Away was the first and only animated film to receive an award from the Berlin Film Festival as “Best Film” and not “Best Cartoon” According to the age of the audience, anime is divided into:

Kodomomanga and anime boy designed for children (up to 12 years old). A distinctive feature of this genre is that in its “childishness”, there is no (sometimes simply greatly simplified) ideological content. Here you can add a characteristic pattern. Often, kodomo anime boy is very close to a European or American animation school and is very different from other types of anime boy wallpaper not only in anime drawing boy but also in building the series.

Shonentop anime boys for older boys and boys (from 12 to 16-18 years old). The main features of the genre: the rapid development and pronounced dynamism of the plot (especially in comparison with shojo). The works contain a lot of humorous scenes, based on the themes of strong male friendships, any kind of rivalry in life, sports or martial arts.

Shojoanime boy with mask, and manga for older girls and girls (from 12 to 16-18 years old). In the plot of the anime shojo, as a rule, there are love relationships of varying degrees of proximity, depending on the age of the target audience, much attention is paid to the development of character images.

Seinenanime boy for adult men (18 to 25-40 years old). Characteristic features of this genre are elements of psychology, satire, eroticism, more attention is paid to the development of characters.

Josei anime boy or manga for women. The plot most often describes the daily life of a woman living in Japan. By genres: in addition to the standard Comedy, Action, History, Martial Arts, Drama, Detective, Science Fiction, there are more …

Mech – complex mechanisms, usually self-propelled, without real prototypes. Usually, this term means “giant fighting humanoid robots”, huge human-controlled fighting vehicles. Cyberpunk is the world of the future, the life of which is completely determined by computer technology. Pictures of the future at the same time seem gloomy and dystopian.

Dobutsu – an demon anime boy about humanoid “fluffy” creatures. It comes from the Japanese word “dobutsu” (doubutsu), which means “animal”. The buzz includes anime boy with the creatures “Neko” (feline), “kitsune” (foxes), “Usagi” (hare), etc.

Idols – an astro boy whose action is associated with pop stars and the music business.

Hentai / Etti – pornographic or erotic astro boy or manga respectively. Works can also be at the junction between hentai and other genres and have a fairly well-developed plot.

Yaoi – is an aesthetic anime boy genre that describes male homosexual relationships, usually intended for women and girls.

Yuri – is an astro boy genre that describes female lesbian relationships, usually intended for women and girls.

Sotakon – is an anime boy and girl genre that describes sexual relationships in which young boys of primary school and preschool age participate.

Lolicon – is an anime boys with pink hair genre that describes the sexual relationships in which little girls participate.

Shojo-ai – is an anime boy with mask genre that describes a girl’s love for a girl. It differs from yuri in the absence of explicit scenes.

Shonen-ai – is an anime boy with headphones genre that describes a young man’s love for a young man. It differs from yaoi in the absence of frank scenes.

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